Forget SB288

To the editor:

Wait! Here’s another way of looking at SB288 and wolf hunting.

An honest attorney brought this to my attention. That limits the field, doesn’t it?

He observes that the Bill is an attempt to change the established law, shifting power from the people, from those with sound, scientific knowledge of the topic and from the people in general, and to hand that power to a few politicians who demonstrate little or no sound scientific knowledge of the topic.

That is deliberately undermining democracy, right?

Then there’s the matter of offering freebie hunting and fishing licenses to thousands of servicemen and others, worth a lot of dollars which the Michigan Department of Natural Resources does not have, plus a million dollars to the Commission.

Don’t those gifts, in this context, sound an awful lot like the buying of votes? Why else were they included?

Isn’t that, by definition, deliberate corruption?

So what?

Let the courts handle the bill and the promoters appropriately. Immediately.

Forget the bill.