Let nature take care of itself

To the editor:

Senator Tom Casperson is working feverishly to push through SB288, which removes the right for Michigan voters to vote in 2014 whether or not wolves and other species should be hunted. This, regardless of the fact that over 250,000 signatures were collected from registered Michigan voters who are concerned about the future of Michigan’s wildlife.

In trying to “rush” SB288 through, Senator Casperson is not representing the voters in Michigan. This is not what the vast majority of voters want as evidenced by the recent petition drive. There is no biological or scientific reason why wolves should be eliminated any more than mourning doves.

The Grey Wolf numbers have already declined as noted at the April 11 Natural Resources Committee meeting. The estimated population is 658, down from 687 in the previous count. Let nature take care of itself.

It is unfortunate we live in a society where killing takes precedence over sound, scientific judgement. There will be a huge overpopulation of deer as already seen in certain areas. Large predators such as the wolf are a necessity to our ecological balance. To permit a hunting season on wolves would be a grave mistake.

Those concerned should contact their legislators immediately and voice your opinion as soon as possible as this is very time sensitive.