Storm played with heart

To the editor:

I am fortunate to live in San Jose where the National Girls Hockey Championships were recently played. When I found out the Keweenaw Storm would be competing, I was thrilled I would be able to go to many of the games.

I saw familiar faces, and met many new ones, who filled me in on who these girl hockey players were and how they got to the Nationals.

As I watched them play, I was amazed at their level of skill. They outplayed every team I saw them play. They played with heart, and it was not hard to see that they were a true team. It was an honor to be able to watch them, and they not only made me even more proud to be a Yooper, but inspired me personally in many ways.

Well done, Keweenaw Storm. I hope you all know how amazing you all are, and that watching you play was the highlight of my year.

Karyann Houle Wilson

San Jose, Calif.