Lake Linden teachers praised

To the editor:

I think it is necessary to thank the teachers at the Lake Linden-Hubbell Schools for their incredible efforts during the month of March, ‘Reading Month.’

On a daily basis, the teachers go above and beyond with their efforts to provide their students with the best education. But for the month of March, our elementary teachers sincerely put forth one of the most fun, engaging programs to promote reading in our children.

Working with the theme of the Iditarod sled dog races, students ‘raced’ to meet goals in reading. It was fun. It was infectious – seeing their elaborate race boards and to hear students talking about what they were working on – it made others want to be involved in reading too.

On a daily basis, we read. The ability to read understand what you read, and be able to apply those ideas and concepts to your life is a skill every young person needs. Thanks to teachers like the Lake Linden-Hubbell Elementary School teachers, reading is being promoted in a positive way. When students reach the middle school and high school, it’s wonderful and refreshing to have them truly enjoy reading.

(Let’s give) credit where credit is due: A job well done. Help teachers by encouraging reading at home as well. There are so many wonderful novels out there that you can read with your child. Take a few minutes a day to read together, or ask your child about what they are reading. You will be pleasantly surprised by what you both can learn.

Thank you again to caring staff members who take the time to work to improve our schools, the students and their communities.

Heather Heinz