Portage Health holds ‘A Day for Women’

HANCOCK – More than 200 women got health screenings, expert advice and exercise at Portage Health’s “A Day for Women” event Saturday.

Attendees underwent screenings on cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure and bone density at the start of the day, bookended by a presentation at the end of the day on what their results meant.

In between, they heard expert presentations on topics such as physical therapy and advanced foot care before moving on to breakout sessions including healthy eating habits, stress reduction and rowing.

“They’re having a great time … a lot of positive, happy women today,” said Angela Luskin, community health coordinator for Portage Health.

The record attendance comes in the first year Portage moved the event to Hancock Central High School. The new location works perfectly, Luskin said.

“We’re not cramped, there’s enough classroom space,” she said. “We’re close enough to the hospital that we can get the tests done quickly.”

Near the end of the day, a group of women were learning yoga basics with instructor Susan Rosemurgy. The introductory workout included poses such as a standing pose in which the women put one knee up with their heel against the opposing shin, their hands clasped together in front of them.

Jaye Kamm of South Range said she came out because of her interest in yoga.

“I do it at home on my own, but it’s always good to see if I can learn something new,” she said.

Other activities she’d done that day included a presentation on skin cancer, and bone density test and a “wonderful lunch” from chef Mark Pittillo.

“I look forward to coming back next year,” she said. “It’s a great opportunity for the women in the area.”

Trina Barrette of Hancock thought it would be a “fun day away from the kids, and informative.” In addition to the yoga, she listened to a presentation on healthy eating habits.

“A lot of information was given,” she said. “A lot of stuff to take home and incorporate.”