Local ADs have only one solution /Paul Peterson

In this most miserable of springs, there may be just one solution left for Copper Country athletic directors:

Move most of the remaining high school track and golf meets to Baraga County.

Of all the areas in our region, Baraga County venues are the only logical one that will be ready to host anything by even mid-May.

Longtime Wyandotte Hills Golf Course member Jack “Bunny” Niemi said there is “at least 4 feet of snow” currently on the course.

“Even if it was to melt quickly, there would be loads and loads of water on it,” Niemi reasoned last week. “Realistically, we’re looking at late May or early June (for it to be playable).”

Of course, the track and golf prep seasons are pretty much done by late May or early June – only the Upper Peninsula Finals usually scheduled in warmer climes left.

And that’s not even taking into account that many of the athletes would not have ample opportunity to practice.

From what I’ve seen in traveling from Calumet to Houghton to Painesdale this week, there are snowbanks easily measuring 10 feet high. In Painesdale, they may be even higher.

Only in Baraga County, is there any glimmer of hope for some meets to take place this spring.

The track at Osterman Athletic Complex in Baraga was the only one that wasn’t inundated by snow. A few warm days and a little plowing might have it ready.

As far as golf, the L’Anse Golf Course has traditionally been the first one to open up in our area.

Just last spring, golfers were out playing in mid-March, according to Bruce “Cukie” Coppo of Calumet.

“We were out there at that time,” said Coppo, an avid golfer. “And the conditions were pretty darn good.”

Of course, all of our snow had disappeared by late March of 2012.

The schedule for high school softball teams remains even more in jeopardy, even though there though is a lighted field next to the Osterman Complex.

As far as youth and adult baseball and softball seasons are concerned, lots of luck.

They’re probably looking at starting at least three weeks later than usual.

Back when the Superior Dome in Marquette was being constructed, I jokingly told a player in the Over 50 Softball League that maybe we should have the government construct a “Cedar Dome” in Tapiola and use it for a number of events.

That farfetched idea doesn’t look that bad right now …