Horses may need care

To the editor:

After watching a recent TV6 news report on the horses, I thought, here it is again, a slap on the wrist and told to fix things. Ok, who is going to make sure he does? I drove by the other day and the horses in the pictures that were posted were nowhere to be seen. The horses that were out back were all eating hay at their own piles and looked to be in okay shape. The two that were in the pictures were not okay. Maybe not at death’s door but anyone with two eyes can see, they are not fine, not even adequate, but neglected and not just slightly. The brown horse’s butt was rubbed raw, the hair on his tail, no hair – most likely due to worms, could be mange or lice which needs treatment that was never given.

This has been happening for years and turned a blind eye to. How long is it going to continue? The worst of it all is that the parties involved don’t even want any help. I was told to mind my own business when I offered cash ($200) for feed.

As for old? John Bishop’s horses, Mose, 34 and Checkers, 50 plus, both round as apples? So don’t go there with “these horses are old,” It just won’t wash. Old horses are just like old people; they need special care. Simple as that. That pinto (the brown and white one) may be old or maybe not but if it is old then it needs special care. It needs to be brought in to eat so the younger ones don’t chase it off its hay. That’s just common sense.

I am very disappointed in the powers that be but it is their decision and they will have to live with it. Vet. Detective. Prosecutor. Why don’t you take your loved ones down there to be taken care of? They will only be “slightly neglected.” It’s a sad world. Of course that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

My opinions are based on having been around these magnificent creatures since I was five years old. Owned, show, raised and cared for. Many of you knew my father, Lloyd Chappell. I wish I had a penny for every time I was told, “Those animals are fed and comfortable before you are. They are in your care.”