Stop the name calling

To the editor:

This letter is in regards to a situation that has been unfolding over the last several weeks in the Lake Linden area and the damage that social media such as Facebook can and has caused.

Several weeks ago, a local horseman in Lake Linden had a horse removed from his property while he was gone, without his knowledge or consent. Several individuals then made accusations of horse neglect and a case was started with local authorities. These selected few started a vicious campaign on Facebook of accusations and name calling.

The horses were inspected by a reputable veterinarian, their professional opinion was filed with the prosecutor’s office and the case has been closed with no pressing charges. Because the report is not what these few wanted to hear, the name calling and accusations have escalated to even more viciousness. Not one of these individuals have courage or the guts to stand up to this gentleman and tell him face to face what they think.

It’s much easier to be brave behind a computer screen and get individuals that don’t even know the facts involved in a Facebook frenzy. The local horsemen who have any amount of class at all have not let themselves get involved in the accusations and name calling.

For you local horsemen and women out there who have had the privilege to study under this gentleman over so many years, if you run into these Facebook bullies, stand up to them and tell them it is time for the name calling and verbal accusations to stop.

Victoria Crnkovich