One totally reliable book

To the editor:

Have you noticed recently how rootin’ tootin’ smart some folk are? They’re so knowledgeable about man/woman-authored books, the accuracy of quotes and … well check this out.

One letter writer (DMG April 13/14) goes on at length expounding “it becomes incredibly clear that A. Huxley was not writing about why people in Darwin’s time ‘leaped at the Origin.’ “

Another letter writer (March 5) credits that same “origin of species” statement to Sir Julian Huxley.

Although Julian and Aldous were brothers, I’m getting confused about who said what. And in the big picture, does it really matter?

There is one totally reliable Book that tells the whole of creation, beginning to end. The KJV Bible.

True followers of Christ were ridiculed early on and martyred for their faith. Nothing new there. But who says the Bible has made America the “laughingstock of the civilized world?” Got any stats to back up that claim?

Further, “ALMOST NOTHING (emphasis mine) in science ever is [proven].” Really? “Empirical” is defined by Webster as “relying or based solely on experiment or observation rather than theory.” There are certain laws that imply an exact formulation of the principle operating in a sequence of events in nature, observed to occur with unvarying uniformity under the same conditions, e.g., the law of the conservation of energy (Webster). Also, gravity is certain. Stars are stationary. Because of the preciseness of the moon phases and orbiting planets, calendars and astronomy maps can be printed accurately many years ahead.

Read your Bible (Basic Information Before Leaving Earth).