Watch your comments

To the editor:

This letter is addressed to two women I do not know. Recently, my husband and I took our monthly trek to Houghton with the folks, both of whom are 91 years old.

Mom needed some things from Walmart and Dad said “I’ll wait here on the bench for you.” After knee replacement surgery, a stroke and just being 91 years old,walking around a store the size of Walmart is daunting to say the least.

Somehow we were able to convince him to try a motorized cart. At least he could join us in the store rather than freeze sitting by the door. We headed down the aisle. For being a first time cart user, Dad had a pretty good handle on it. I got involved with Mom’s shopping needs and when I turned around, I saw Dad heading back to the entrance area, no explanation.

After we checked out and were in the car, I asked him why he took the cart back. It seems as he was waiting for Mom, he overheard two “ladies” talking and their comment was, “I don’t know why he needs a cart, he looks fine to me” or something to that effect. That was all he needed to hear to send him high-tailing it back to the entrance.

That judgmental comment was both uncalled for and unsolicited. Please, when out in public, be careful of what you say and remember not “to judge a book by its cover.”

I hope you both have long and healthy lives and at 91 years of age, will not need any assistance with mobility. I especially hope that you will not be subjected to others’ misconceptions and judgments.