Internet sales tax a big boondoggle

To the Editor:

Another huge blow to the wallet is in the making, and this one is of Brobdingnagian size: Congress is currently debating imposing taxes on your online purchases. Online shopping should not be taxed, whether new goods or used. In many cases (such as Ebay and Amazon), you are buying second-hand items, which likely are not even being sold by the original owner. You are basically shopping an online garage sale, and I know of no garage sale, rummage resale or benefit where anyone has to pay sales tax. This will bear additional inflationary costs to the public to enforce collection – a confusing many-headed Hydra in itself- as well, and likely will drive up the costs of the merchandise. Less people will shop the internet; the reaction of many manufacturers, retailers, and secondhand sellers will be to raise base prices to try and regain lost profits with bigger individual sales to compensate volume loss. Many of them are like lemmings: one jumps off the cliff, others follow. If internet sales are interfered with, where will it end? Legal penalties for copyright violations and possession fees if one sells a used book, movie, or music on the internet? Or at a regular garage sale at your home, for that matter? No, this is a money-grabbing bad idea hiding behind the skirts of legal loopholes and legislation all around.

A bill is currently making its way through the Senate right now that will implement this billions-of-dollars boondoggle so if you don’t want to be doling out a lot more money and seeing your purchasing power decrease significantly, write your Senators and light up their switchboards right now, immediately. Your money’s fate is in your hands.