DNR confirms wolf attack

HOUGHTON – A wolf fatally attacked a dog in Atlantic Mine Sunday, the Department of Natural Resources has confirmed.

The attack occurred Sunday morning at the farm of Rich Johnson, about 150 yards out from any buildings, said DNR biologist Brian Roell. The victim of the attack was a 150-pound Newfoundland dog.

Johnson had not had any encounters with the wolf or wolves prior to the incident, Roell said.

“He did say that he was missing some of his ducks and chickens, and he didn’t know if he had wolves take them,” he said.

The DNR issued Johnson a permit for lethal control if wolves return. Roell said wolf attacks happen rarely, and what few there are don’t appear to to correlate with population size.

“It just seems to be these random events, so we don’t have a way of predicting when it might happen,” he said. “It’s certainly an unfortunate event anytime we’re dealing with someone’s pet.”