Senior walk picture gave wrong impression

To the editor:

The picture on the front page of the Sat April 27 Gazette with the caption “Participants in the Michigan Technological University Senior Walk is very misleading. There is no mention that the students are walking from bar to bar drinking alcohol. It reads as if this is an activity sponsored by the University. I do not believe that it is.

I have encountered many students over the years with a stumbling gait due to the amount of alcohol they have consumed. I realize that we live in a culture saturated with the consumption of alcohol and that college students are immersed in a culture that is super saturated with alcohol. I celebrate neither of these cultural realities. Drinking alcohol is a very dangerous activity and needs to be done in moderation if it is to be safe.

I have had many beloved members of my family die in alcohol or other substance related deaths. Close friends and more beloved family members have been robbed of the fullness of their lives due to alcohol and other substance abuse. Some of these precious college graduates will go on to contend with substance abuse in their lives.

Senior walk does not promote safe, enjoyable, moderate use of alcohol. Not mentioning that alcohol is a huge part of the event feels like ignoring the elephant in the room.

Janeen Stephenson