‘Something’s Afoot’ at the Calumet Theatre

CALUMET – Friends gather at an old housethen someone is murdered and then another and another. So goes the plot of “Something’s Afoot,” the latest production to be staged at The Calumet Theatre. However, the play isn’t to be taken too seriously, as it is a parody of Agatha Christie’s stories, most notably “Ten Little Indians.”

“It’s just hilarious,” said director Mike Aubin, who thinks everyone will be able to enjoy the show. “It has humor, it has mystery and it has a surprise ending so I won’t tell you what it is,” Aubin said. “All will be revealed.”

In addition to the laughs and bloodshed, the audience can also enjoy musical numbers, but Aubin is hesitant to call the show a musical.

“It’s not a musical,” he said. “It’s a play with music. In here the songs are just added for a little extra fun. The only orchestra we have is a keyboard player and a percussionist.”

Playing the role of Ms. Tweed is Carole Baranowski, who said she’s enjoyed the challenging part of playing the part.

“She thinks she’s a master detective,”?she said. “She wants you to think that she is the one, throughout the play, committing the murders. All the eyes kind of go to her.”

And Baranowski thinks anyone who enjoyed “Ten Little Indians” or stories of a similar nature will enjoy “Something’s Afoot.”

“The music is fun and the play is fun. There are numbers that nobody has probably ever heard before. The play is very clever and challenges you all the way through trying to figure out who’s who,”?she said.

Baranowski said her favorite part of the play is working with director Mike Aubin.

“He gets up and he acts the part with you. He’s very patient and he works with the actors and actresses all the way through. He’s just a master director.”

“Something’s Afoot”?begins May 2 and runs through May 4. Each performance begins at 7:30 p.m. and tickets will cost $13.00.