The Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo

Editor’s note: The show will be at 8 p.m. Friday night, not Saturday as previously reported

HANCOCK – The Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo will soon be coming to the Orpheum Theater with what theater owner Mike Shupe calls “soothing, but energetic sonic delights.”

The duo hail from eastern Europe with Andreas Kapsalis a second generation Greek and Goran Ivanovic of Serbian descent.

Ivanovic said he and Kapsalis, who was unable to partake in the interview, try to put a twist on the directions of where guitar is going.

“We started combining polka,” he said. “We were trying to combine music with the rhythm where we grew up. We’re trying to impress people with our speed and technique.”

Ivanovic said he also expects people to enjoy the music, depending on what they might already listen to.

“I don’t expect anyone who listens to top 40 to be crazy about it,” he said.

However, there is more to the show than just the music they play.

“If people are not familiar with jazz or classical, there’s a visual aspect to the show that people will enjoy,” Ivanovic said.

The duo spend most of their time playing music in Europe and on the east and west coast on the United States. They haven’t spent too much time playing in the midwest or up north. But Ivanovic is confident he and his bandmate can create a show that everyone will enjoy.

“It’s up to us to create that atmosphere and to make the audience feel comfortable and at home,” he said. “If that trust is developed, it’s going to be nice. I can safely say we don’t really have bad shows and people are very happy with what they’ve seen.”

As far as influences and inspirations go, Ivanovic cited Paco de Lucia, Bill Frisell, Pat Martino and Miles Davis.

“As far as fusion, it’s combining a lot of eastern and western,” he said.

Orpheum Theater owner Mike Shupe said he was very taken with the duo as musicians.

“When I heard their music I was just incredibly impressed by the musicianship and the fun their music provides,” Shupe said.

The duo will perform Friday at The Orpheum Theater in Hancock at 8 p.m.