Excellent educators take a bow at CCEA awards

HANCOCK – During the Copper Country Education Association’s Annual Dinner of Excellence Thursday representatives from eight local districts and the Copper Country Intermediate School District honored teachers and community members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in their commitment to local youth and education.

“We have too many people who are concerned not only with their own children, but with every child who comes through that public school,” said Terry LaJeunesse, CCEA Uniserv Director.

As a district representative introduced each recipient his or her many accolades were listed. Recipients were either staff, faculty or community members but their impact on the public schools with which they worked clearly exceeded any job description. One presenter summed up a long list of accomplishments by simply stating that the recipient – and many people involved in small school districts -wear many hats. From coach to teacher to volunteer – and sometimes all three – the recipients wear enough hats to put an army of milliners out of business.

Also honored at the ceremony was Kris Schourek, P.R. Committee Chairperson and teacher in the Hancock school district. With more than 40 years of experience, Schourek will be retiring this year. Deb Olson, co-winner of the Hancock Education Association’s Teacher Award along with Schourek, read student testimonies of the incredible impact Schourek has had on her students and student teachers during her tenure.

To close the heartfelt ceremony, LaJeunesse expressed his confidence and pride in the school districts.

“I don’t care if it’s Adams or Stanton – that’s our A to Z up here -I would put our educational system up against any in the nation,” said LaJeunesse. “That’s because of the people here and all the teachers and the community members who care so much about the kids and their education.”