Freedom or safety?

To the editor:

A family comes to America on a political asylum visa they receive government: housing, food stamps, health care and both of their sons received scholarships for higher learning. It seems like they would be grateful for the charity and in America be able to practice their religion without harassment or judgment. Freedom is wonderful.

Apparently this family didn’t see it that way. The mother had to leave the country to avoid shoplifting charges for clothes. Her two young sons become religious terrorists; one died in a gun battle, the other ran into hiding.

Here’s where it gets crazy; did you catch it? Homeland Security – the Military, State police, local police, ATF, and FBI searched hundreds of homes at a cost of thousands of dollars to try and find one 19 year old brainwashed kid. Did they have a search warrant? Was it a test run to see if all those government agencies could work together to shut a city down, how the media would react and how much the public would tolerate? That part of their test worked, they entered many homes without a complaint – that we know of. If it wasn’t for a citizen they may not have captured the kid; in all their searching they couldn’t find him. I wonder what other high tech sensors that they have on those Black Hawk helicopters?

Our government will give him free medical treatment for his wounds, room and board and an attorney for his trial.

Gun control; nothing short of removing every semi-automatic gun and high capacity magazines will completely stop mass killings with guns. That’s never going to happen. But wait; was what happened in Boston a trial run? I could be wrong, never say never. At the same time anyone that thinks they could stop government tyranny with a gun is nuts. With out vote is the way we stop government tyranny.

Freedom or safety; what are we willing to tolerate to be safe? is the computer chip under our skin next?

My “Christian” brothers and sisters; fear is a spirit that is moving swiftly across this planet; don’t let it steal your joy, your freedom. Our battle is not against flesh and blood-Ephesians 6:12. God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and of a sound mind-2Timothy 1:7.

Jack Sprietzer