Auto insurance costs a travesty

To the Editor:

People of Michigan – wake up. As you can see, we don’t have roads paved in gold. What we do have are the insurance companies’ pockets lined with gold. Everyone’s topic seems to be the cost of gas, cost of groceries, but the biggest travesty in our state is the soaring costs of automobile insurance. Don’t just complain; we have to find out what we can do about it.

Believe it or not, all our neighboring states pay 40-50 percent less than we do. Our son in the sunshine state of Florida has rates half as much as ours. Why? Why are we so complacent and accepting of this?

Another complaint is the credit score of the elderly that determines their rates. They are assessed lower because they don’t have a credit history. They worked all their lives paying for most things in cash, while the younger people have “plastic” cash, so their credit ratings are higher. I guess it is better to have debt then no debt. Elderly, contact your representatives to complain about your right to have a credit score as high as a person with credit card debt. Most elderly pay their bills as soon as they come in the mail. My father is one of them. Why should the system not raise their credit score instead of penalizing them for not being in debt?

On top of insurance costs, Governor Snyder wants to increase all the fees and the gas tax. Maybe we can try to manage to give up one car per household as long as we can. What impact would this have?

We do need to do something. The state is no different than that bully on the playground. Taxpayers in Michigan have to stand up for their right to afford to drive in this state.

Sharon Aittama