White House patriot needed

To the Editor:

In the May 7th Mining Gazette and previously in the May 1st Mining Journal Mr. Bucklin statements make me feel he seems to be confused by suggesting the Tea Party is responsible for Obama’s sequestration cuts.

In fact Republicans made an agreement with Obama to increase taxes on Americas wealthiest in exchange for Obama making budgetary cuts within his out of control governmental welfare/dependency programs.

However Obama solely designed his budgetary cuts to disrupt as many Americans lives as possible; to implant the belief any cuts to his big government spending will negatively impact all Americans, and that he intentionally orchestrated his budgetary cuts to try and vilify the Republican party.

Having been told I am brutally honest and having been fired for that attribute I can openly state: informed Americans can see through Obama’s smokescreens. We know he lied about Obamacare and abandoned four Americans in Benghazi. We also know he spent 20 plus years in a temple that attacked America and he participated in American flag burning demonstrations while supporting his father’s Muslim religion.

Sgt. Major Carr once told me; A soldier’s only as good as his leader and real leaders seek and accept responsibility for their actions no matter what the personal cost; that true leaders lead by example and hold honesty, integrity, and love of country above all else, including life, as that forges subordinates’ core values.

America needs a “Patriot President” whose honesty, integrity, Christian values, and love of country is above reproach because America can’t afford to continue allowing a Community Organizer whose only led ACORN Rallies, smoked and sold dope, participated in Anti-American flag burning demonstrations and spent 20-plus years in a church that vilified white America to inject his values into America.

Ray Wickstrom