Big money corrupts health

To the Editor:

Things are seldom what they seem, especially when big money is involved. Matters are no longer judged on the concept of right or wrong, but on profit or loss.

We’ve been programed to believe in the Germ Theory of Disease.

The book “Health Towards…Physical Immorality” by Mado exposes the truth on the cause of disease.

Louis Pasteur (chemist) and Antone Bechamp (doctor, biologists, chemist and physicist) proposed diametrically opposed explanations.

Bechamp discovered microbes before Pasteur. He was able to prove that human beings create their own microbes in order to re-establish order and balance inside tissue and organs. He also discovered microzymas, the smallest living particle. These changed their shape-pleomorphism – and become microbes when a person’s health deteriorated. Germs were actually allies. He published many scientific papers proving this.

Pasteur used and falsified Bechamp’s results, publishing them under his own name with opposite results. Today he is considered one of humanity’s most cherished saviors. He taught illnesses come from external pathogens and to prevent illness we go to war against microbes. In fact, Pasteur was paid by the elite who wanted to develop efficient eugenist methods. (Yet on his death bed confessed, “the terrain is everything, the germ is nothing, too late.”)

Institute Pasteur and the entire field of vaccinations were financed as early as 1887 by world banksters the Rothchilds.

They made sure that Pasteur’s theory became the norm across the planet. The elusive concepts of the priority of the external world over the internal person sent its roots even deeper, keeping human beings the victims of invisible external enemies, microbes. Yet Bechamp proved the opposite. In fact there is no external enemy. My body creates its own micro-organisms in order to re-establish order and balance.

Vaccinations, the biggest health crime against humanity, are alive and well. The elite had found their ultimate weapon.

Consider the increased rates of autism with the increased rates of (mercury laced) injections to infants.

Knowledgeable doctors understanding the problem have reversed and even cured autism when caught early enough by chelating the mercury out and given vitamin therapy.

Don’t expect big pharma or the medical mafia to accept any culpability. They just hire/buy studies tailored to claim their innocence.

Pity the suffering children because today when big money talks, justice walks.

Larry Korpi