DNR should get priorities in order

To the Editor:

Lately the Otter Lake Dam has been a topic of concern.

It’s my opinion that the lake and its fish and wildlife are a valuable resource.

The DNR (Resources) made a commitment for the dam’s maintenance it being a resource they must continue to do so.

It’s all a matter of priorities on where to spend the monies they have. A mile or so up the road they maintain “nuisance” geese ponds, acres of them, pump and divert water, plant crops, build roads and levees. Adjoining the area they maintain a large equipment farm, thousands of dollars of little used equipment and machinery.

They spend tons of money on the wolf program, I don’t see for what good.

The list goes on.

Our state representatives should demand the DNR get their priorities in order: is it geese or fish, wolves or deer.

Removing the dam is not an option, some maintenance could be eliminated-outhouses, electricity, etc.

It could be made more secure and natural by shoring it up with big boulders, then call it Little Boulder Dam.

Jack Paavola