Ready or Not?

HOUGHTON – Most parents proudly watch as their 5-year old child grabs his or her backpack and heads out the door to the first day of kindergarten. Few might realize that their child has been preparing for this day since birth, or earlier.

Neuroscience confirms that early experiences lay the foundation for all learning that follows. Young children’s experiences and environments set the stage for future development and success in school and life. How, and how well, children think, learn, communicate, problem solve and relate to others when they get to school and later in their lives depends in large part on the experiences they have and the skills they develop during the earliest days, months and years of their lives.

BHK Child Development Board (BHK) recognizes the importance of a child’s early years and of parents as their children’s primary teacher and advocate. BHK further recognizes that there are children and families who are more vulnerable than others because of risk factors within their lives and the limitations of available supports and resources.

BHK provides a full continuum of comprehensive early learning experiences – prenatal to kindergarten. Through a federal grant, BHK is able to provide Early Head Start for expectant families and families with children birth to age 3 in a home or center-based option and Head Start for preschool children. Through a partnership with the Copper Country Intermediate School District, BHK provides the Great Start Readiness Program (GRSP) for 4-year olds. All children are screened at the time of enrollment to ensure they are matched with the most appropriate services for their family.

The quality, evidence-based programs operated by BHK can improve the outcomes for the youngest and most vulnerable children. The programs bring together degreed and well-trained staff; small class sizes for more focused attention; research-based curricula to prepare children academically; socially and emotionally; health and wellness services ;and meaningful family engagement opportunities that support parent’s involvement in their children’s learning and success.

Families, BHK staff and community partners work together to provide environments and developmental experiences that promote growth and learning to ensure that all children enter school eager and excited to learn.

Your child may be eligible for early childhood programs at no cost. Eligibility is not based on income alone. Other factors are considered in making a determination for program placement. Please call to request a universal application so that all information can be considered.

After administrative restructuring and with renewed financial stability, BHK staff is planning and preparing for an exciting new school year. BHK is ready and able to provide the high-quality early childhood programming the community has come to expect.

Interested families should complete an application and provide the following documents: proof of age (birth certificate); proof of residency (utilities bill, driver’s license); and proof of income for past 12 months (W2, check stub, tax return, DHS statement).

Please call 482-3663 or 337-3030 in Houghton and Keweenaw Counties, respectively, or 524-7300 in Baraga County for an application appointment. Space is limited. Call today!

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