Students receive over $100K in scholarships

PAINESDALE – Six Jeffers High School graduating seniors received a total of $120,000 in scholarships during the school’s Class Day Friday.

Tim Keteri, Adams Township School District superintendent and high school principal, said $93,054 of the total came from the Adams Foundation, which funds district needs. The rest is from other local organizations.

The scholarships, which are given out each year, include the Ruth L. Jose Scholarship, which went to four students for a total of $15,000.

“They must be attending (Michigan Technological University),” he said.

Keteri said the Mary Cerutti Grandchamp Scholarship provides $8,000 to one female student, and it’s more inclusive.

“They can go anywhere in the state of Michigan,” he said.

The Helen Miller Scholarship provides $20,554 to one nursing student, Keteri said.

Funding for the scholarships comes from interest on a $1.1 million account with Superior National Trust, Keteri said.

Students wishing to receive the scholarships must apply, Keteri said. A committee then considers each student’s GPA, ACT scores, attendance and history while attending the schools in the district. They must also submit a resume.