U.P. native Josh Davis to perform at The Orpheum Theater

HANCOCK – U.P. native Joshua Davis will be performing this Friday at The Orpheum Theater. Davis is known for his musical stylings. He was raised in the folk traditions and writes songs that blend rock ‘n’ roll and soul.

“I grew up going to a lot of music festivals,” Davis said. “In the folk world, there’s not a lot of a wall between audience and performer. I was able to interact with a lot of people.”

Interacting with other musicians is what Davis said helped him learn about making music and songwriting.

Davis got his first guitar when he turned 13. He was also spending a lot of time doing theater in addition to music, but decided he wanted to start doing music specifically.

In addition to music, Davis also gives guitar workshops and lessons.

“It’s in line with that folk tradition of passing it along,” Davis said. “I really like that chemistry and what can come with people when they get together and play.”

With his newest album, “A Miracle of Birds,” Davis was inspired by a recent trip he took to the West Bank.

“It was an incredible experience and a difficult experience,” Davis said, who is of Jewish descent. “I used music to build a lot of bridges. It’s about the tension between my heritage and upbringing. It’s a really hopeful album. It’s about bringing people together.”

Davis is also involved with a music collective, which features artists that band together to move forward art and sustainability in Michigan.

“A lot of what I do and my efforts are in line with that. We all work together,” Davis said.

Josh Davis is scheduled to play at 8 p.m. Friday, May 31 at The Orpheum Theater.