New managing editor hired at Daily Mining Gazette

HOUGHTON – The Daily Mining Gazette’s new managing editor will be a familiar name to longtime readers.

Mark Wilcox began his first week as managing editor this week. He succeeds Jane Nordberg, who moved downstate last month.

Wilcox previously worked at the Gazette as a writer and in several editorial capacities; since September, he has been back at the Gazette in the advertising department. He has also held several radio positions in the Upper Peninsula. But he said being a managing editor of a newspaper is “as good as it gets.”

“I’ve always felt, whether it be in radio, or in newspapers, it’s really a privilege to cover and report on local news,” he said. “For this area, this market, in the Upper Peninsula, being the editor of a newspaper is the pinnacle of being a local newsperson. It’s a responsibility that those who have it, cherish. It’s one I take seriously.”

Wilcox was born and raised in Delta County and graduated from Northern Michigan University.

With the rise of the Internet and social media, readers now have world news at their fingertips. However, Wilcox said, local newspapers are still the ultimate source for local news. And they can also make national topics such as the Affordable Care Act and the “fiscal cliff” more relatable to readers by explaining the effects locally.

“That’s the role of a local newspaper, to take that world and national news and to bring it home and tie it in – this is why we should care about it, this is what it means to me,” he said.

Wilcox said he is looking forward to working with a mix of Gazette veterans and relative newcomers.

“It’s exciting being back with the combination of personnel that I am familiar with and comfortable with, and the addition of some staff who’ve gotten on board in my absence in the two years since I was here last,” he said. “It’s all quality, up and down.”

Gazette Publisher Michael Scott said he is “very pleased” to have Wilcox aboard as managing editor.

“He brings a vast amount of news experience with him, and he had done a wonderful job with us in both our sports and news departments in years past,” he said. “I think that this is going to be a great opportunity for him, The Daily Mining Gazette and Daily Mining Gazette readers. I hope that our readers will welcome Mark when they get the opportunity.”