DNR misleading regarding wolves

To the editor:

One might get the impression that MDNR is conducting a feud against local wolves rather than conserving them. Show me if I’m wrong.

1. They report the incidents “at Atlantic Mine” as if in the community, thus a threat to humans. Actually they were miles away in the sparsely populated district of Liminga.

2. The MDNR, presumably after a visit, stated that one of the dogs attacked was in a fenced yard, omitting that the fence was far from complete.

3. I believe that dogs are not classified as livestock, but that wolves can be shot if caught in the act of attacking them. That was not the case at Liminga. The “reports” did not mention garbage or bait attracting deer and wolves.

4. MDNR acted with a vengeance at Matchwood, where a “farmer” claims to have lost 119 cattle in the last three years alone. Most were calves, born in a pasture, unprotected.

We are not told of complaints, investigations or compensation paid. The “farmer” claims that government-paid sharpshooters and trappers have “Killed dozens of the wolves.”

5. MDNR issued additional permits despite the Detroit Free Press photograph of cattle carcasses in the pasture, essentially bait. Those permits and kills were illegal.

6. Another DNR employee described on the air the plight of Ironwood folks and their fear of fearless wolves on their doorsteps.

He should have been prosecuting those who fed the deer in town, thus domesticating deer and wolves.

7. The DNR promotes the use of leghold traps as “humane,” i.e. “characterized by kindness, mercy or compassion.”

I hereby challenge any and all of them to spend a couple of nights in the swamp, barefoot, in a couple of steel leghold traps, chained to stakes, enjoying the kmc.

8. Hounds. USC Title 7, Chapter 54 #2156 “animal fighting ventures are expressly prohibited.”

9. MDEQ/MDNR have set up a policy requiring that we seek the info we need through FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) typically misnamed because they ask for substantial payments we have already paid for. The info we seek must already be in recent files, available at the tap of a few keys.

10. MDNR knows of the error of their actions and the outburst of anger and fear unleashed by their propaganda, but have made no effort to correct their actions and statements. They must do so, in detail, in public.

Jack Parker