Lewis receives year in jail

HOUGHTON – A Dollar Bay man was sentenced to a year in jail Monday for an attempted theft at Michigan Technological University in 2011.

Gordon Lewis, 21, had pleaded guilty to attempted breaking and entering, a five-year felony, attempted illegal possession of a financial device, a two-year felony, and attempted illegal use of a financial transaction device, a two-year felony.

Lewis was accused of stealing a wallet from a locker at the Student Development Complex. During a preliminary hearing in 97th District Court, the wallet’s owner estimated Lewis had used the ATM cards to take as much as $350.

The sentence was the maximum possible under the terms of the plea bargain, which stipulated county jail time.

The case was delayed until the resolution of another felony involving Lewis. In July 2012, he faced trial for safebreaking connected to an October 2011 attempt to break into a bank ATM in South Range; it ended in a mistrial. In October, he was sentenced to time served for attempted safebreaking, a five-year felony.

Lewis’s attorney, David Gemignani, said he hopes the sentence marks the “end of an era” for Lewis.

“I’m hoping when Gordon is 30 years old, 40 years old, 50 years old, he looks at these past two years and says, ‘You know, maybe at the time I didn’t see this as clear as I should’ve, but boy, that was one good learning experience that I did get,'” he said.

“And I hope he can take that and believe in that at this point and move on in life.”

Gemignani said Lewis plans to move to North Dakota to work after his release.

“I believe Gordon is young enough to go out there and make something of his life, make good money, save good money, and actually be somebody,” he said.

Lewis received credit for 208 days served.