Rising water level concerning

To the editor:

As a resident of the Twin Lakes Community, I am very concerned with the water level in these lakes. The 101 residents (including me) who signed a petition to continue the practice of installing a 6 inch rail to preserve the water level believe they would be adversely affected if the practice is discontinued. The county commissioners seem to believe so as well based Wednesday’s front page article.

But the drain commissioner is concerned that a resident might feel adversely affected if the rail is installed this year, even though there in no mention of such over the 14 years the rail has been used. Obviously the commissioner is following legal advice which seems to be: If you do something, you can be sued. But if you do nothing you are safe. The legal adviser (County Prosecutor?) is surely an expert on everything under the sun including lake levels, wild life, fish habitat and wet land preservation.

The county commissioners say their hands are legally tied by the law. What this tells me is that the law is not here to serve the people, the people are here to serve the law. The cost of an engineering study at Otter Lake was doubled when attorney fees were included. I think this country needs more lawyers.

Frank Donnelly

Twin Lakes