The Keweenaw is a special place

To the editor:

You have some very special people living in the U.P. To give you an example: Last winter just before Christmas my wife had to go to the pharmacy to get meds for a nasty flu bug. She said she’d only be out a half-hour and she wasn’t going to take a lot of time changing, so she threw on her long fuzzy coat and left. (The car was warm.)

Well when she got to the place, she got out, locked the car and proceeded to walk to the pharmacy. (What she didn’t know was when she shut the door, her coat was caught in the door.)

Her feet slipped backwards, she fell to the ground (snow and slush) and smacked her chin against the ground. (She was a mess.)

Well here comes a guy in a van, stops and offers assistance, to an already embarrassed young lady. (After all she was not wearing much under her coat.)

That special person was Jim Ardus, who not only tended to her immediate needs but also went into the drugstore and got her meds.

Then when he came out and gave them to her, he said that today was her special day – because it was just before Christmas and he was looking for someone to give a present to, and now he didn’t have to look any further, because she was the one.

He gave her the most beautiful hand tied Christmas Wreath.

He said he and his wife made over 20 and gave them all away. If you were one to get a wreath, you must also be special.

He told my wife that they get all the decorations from the Angel Mission, and in fact because they do get a lot, they make wreaths for the main workers every year.

If the people at the mission are as special as Mr. and Mrs. Ardus, then the saying must be true about the people in the Copper Country.

We hope to see Mr. and Mrs. Ardus this coming year before Christmas and we may get a chance to stop in at the mission and see what these angels are all about.

Thanks again,

Mr. and Mrs.

Franklin Biggs