Please return my sunglasses

To the editor:

This letter is to the person who stole my burgundy-red sunglasses from St. Vincent de Paul’s dressing room on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 in Hancock. Shame on you. I set them down while trying on items, went to the counter to pay for my things, then I realized I left my glasses.

Upon checking the dressing room, you had already been there and taken them.

I don’t think you had left the store yet when I began asking people if they found them. Why didn’t you bring them to the counter?

You are a dishonest person and our area is known for kind, honest folks. You are not one of them – now you have sullied our good name as an honest community.

Why did you take them, when you knew someone left them? They are a nice pair of prescription glasses and I need them back. I need them to drive, and also they were a last gift from my late husband before he died. He wanted me to have something nice.

I can’t replace them, they are one of a kind. I do not have the money to get any others.

I can’t believe you want to cause so much pain and hardship for someone. What kind of person can do this?

Would you like it if someone took something from you?

Maybe you have no conscience or maybe you steal anytime you see fit to – from family, friends even you employer.

Do you think your friends and family won’t notice them and wonder where you got them?

Will you lie maybe – have a good laugh at how you “found” them. Someone saw you steal them.

It was God and He didn’t approve of such thievery. Don’t you know of the Golden Rule – “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

My heart is breaking because of your actions. I’ve lost my dear husband.

I’ve had cancer and now this.

Every time you look at them I hope you think of the heartache and pain I’m going through.

Think of my dead husband, a veteran who fought for you, your rights and freedom.

Is this your way of repaying him for his sacrifice.

Please return them to St. Vincent’s manager Carla. No questions will be asked. I am hoping you will do the right and decent thing.

Patricia Waatti

Lake Linden