The dangerous rise of satanism

To the editor:

A person may wonder which group is more delusional: those that practice satanism, or those that practice atheism. In the modern world, satanism goes back to Canaan, the fourth and youngest son of Ham, and also Nimrod, the youngest son of Cush, who was the eldest son of Ham.

As you may know, Ham was the second of three sons born to Noah and his wife. It appears that Ham did not do a good job in teaching all his children about God and abstaining from evil.

Nimrod was interested in self worship, and wanted to establish a lasting kingdom which would be devoted to himself. He began a building project, namely the Tower of Babel, with himself being the central deity. But God confused the languages of mankind, terminating the Babel Tower project in 2509 BC., divided the continents, and scattered mankind and animals across the globe What this all amounts to, is the progression of mankind’s estrangement from their Creator, and submission to the entity of evil.

Those that consciously worship Satan, at least acknowledge that an entity exists that’s greater than themselves. Such worship is motivated by the delusion that Satan is more powerful than God, thus is more capable of bringing about the results desired by his disciples. Those that subconsciously worship Satan are atheists, who are under the delusion that there is no entity that exists that is greater than themselves.

It is associated with the self-worship belief system begun by Nimrod. Atheism is a religion of denial. It’s a suicidal willful ignorance of mankind’s origins, and purpose in this universe.

Conscious satanism is introverted. They have not been known to publicly seek converts. They would rather remain a “secret society.” But what makes subconscious satanism (atheism) so dangerous, is that they are extroverted, and will either openly seek converts into their belief system, or try to impose their beliefs upon the rest of society, to prevent others from learning of (the only true) God. That is why they are such advocates of the “big bang” and evolution theories. They do not want any acknowledgment given to God. Their activities are high treason against America. They do not want to have any belief in God, and will do whatever to stop others from acknowledging Him.

Along with the continued indoctrination of atheism in America, comes the rise of perversion, such as “same sex marriage.”

Herman Cummings

Fortson, Ga