It was a great year at BHK

Summer is here, school busses off the roads and it is time to reflect on the year. As the Chairperson of the BHK Parent Policy Council, I am pleased to share for our group as a whole. We are thankful for the experiences and benefit our children/all children received in BHK programs.

As Parent Policy Council Members, we are connected to what happens with BHK programming, grants/finances, and decision making. We are informed and advise on major issues. In this role, we celebrate a great year.

In summer of 2012, negative press circulated around BHK regarding management transition and financial concern. By the fall, though many of us were new to Parent Council (myself included), it was clear things had already stabilized significantly.

We asked questions and worked to learn more. Most encouraging was that BHK stayed committed to values that have well-served children and families in our area for years.

At each meeting we were privy to financial reports and observed the organization regain solid ground. Even when federal cuts took place that forced many Head Start programs across the U.P. and country to close preschool doors early, BHK classrooms were busy learning until their end date. This was truly a sign of success.

During Teacher Appreciation Week, the Parent Policy Council gave THANKS-FILLED baskets to teachers. We recognize that throughout what could be considered a transitional time, teachers never stopped giving and working at their highest level. Parent Policy meetings are filled with different reports, but informal reports where parents talk about what is happening in their child’s classroom or center make up the best part of meeting nights.

Center reports are filled with pride for kids and praise for teaching staff. We have experienced, and data shows, that BHK Head Start is a driving force to promote School Readiness.

Kids play with rhymes, letters and sounds, names, pattern books, problem-solving skills, counting, observation, and learn social skills, all in developmentally appropriate ways.

To all BHK Employees we offer our thanks. We realize there will always be new challenges to face, but know BHK is ready and secure to face anything.

It is time old press falls to new, and that the community hears the positive after positive we have experienced both as parents and council members.

BHK still has spots available for Fall registration. Parents interested in more information, should call 482-3663.

Liz Grenke Leach

Parent Council Chair and Board