A tip of the hat to the KBC

To the editor:

Only in America, Land of Opportunity, Alive and Well

Having grown up on Jay and the Americans hit song, “Only in America, Land of Opportunity,” I was able to live the dream, chase the rainbow and experience the excitement of “shooting for the moon”. My father always said, “if you miss, you will still be a star.”

Currently living in Florida, I see what direction our country is going, lacking responsibility and accountability, relying on few to support many, I returned to the Copper Country to find out my dream is still alive. I have completely restored my faith in youth. Let me explain.

I always thought the three strong letters of the alphabet were A, B, C. Wrong.

They are KBC, short for Keweenaw Brewing Company. Don’t put the newspaper down, I am not promoting alcohol, I am promoting moderation, education and plain old “hard work”.

Having a career of evaluating employees, in my opinion KBC ranks close to 90 percent success in customer service. These young people have given me the same enthusiasm that my father did. Now, America has to let them be successful.

In my 27 years in business I have found that the truly successful businesses have great leadership. That is so true at the KBC. Two families own KBC, they are not originally from Houghton, after graduating from Michigan Tech, they left the area to pursue their dreams. Stacy, Margy, Paul and Dick loved Houghton, and returned to add jobs and moderate entertainment to the area.

I would encourage everyone to meet the owners. They are good for your students. Ask what it takes to get hired. Ask how top employees will eventually lose their job. They close at 10 p.m. during the week, and 11 p.m. on weekends.

You will not hear bad language, you will not see over-drinking.

Remember, many countries culture includes moderate use of beer. For those of you that do not wish to drink beer, KBC has home made soda.

Entrepreneur musicians are permitted to use KBC to showcase talents, students study on the soft couches by the fireplace, there are tables outside for summer leisure.

It is a positive place to talk to people in business, students, employees, and most of all, my base in life, responsibility and accountability. Thanks to all.

Mel Ruohonen

Sarasota, Fla.