Diver dies exploring Isle Royale shipwreck

ISLE ROYALE NATIONAL PARK – A scuba diver was fatally injured in an accident exploring a shipwreck at Isle Royale National Park Saturday.

Lloyd Krohn, 55, of Wyoming, Minn., was in a group of three exploring the Kamloops shipwreck at the park around 11 a.m., the park said in a release.

He was on a charter trip operated by Isle Royale Charters, Inc. The ship is located about 300 feet from the north shore of Isle Royale near Todd Harbor.

After the group reached its target depth, Krohn’s partners noticed he was experiencing an unknown difficulty. They tried to help, but once he lost consciousnesss, they had to send him to the surface alone. The boat crew spotted him and brought him to the boat; he was unresponsive and not breathing.

The charter company boat, Lake Superior Diver, sent a distress call to park rangers on marine band radio. Ranger-emergency medical technicians declared Krohn dead on scene. Rangers are working with the Keweenaw County medical examiner to determine the cause of death and the circumstances of the accident.

Park Superintendent Phyllis Green has temporarily closed the Kamloops to diving.

“We are deeply saddened by this scuba accident,” Green said in a statement. “Divers understand the risks involved in diving at such extreme depths, but accidents can happen. We will do a thorough examination of the accident and review operations at the site before opening it to further recreational diving.”

The ship, a 250-foot Canadian package freighter, wrecked in a severe storm in December 1927. The location of the shipwreck was unknown until sport divers located the wreck in 1977. Most of the ship is below 200 feet; due to its depth, it is considered an expert dive.