We offer a tip of the hat … to Pat

With very little fanfare, an important phase in the history of the BHK Child Development Board came to an end this week. Months earlier than anticipated, Pat Rozich is leaving his post as executive director at BHK. An agency which, among other things, administers the Head Start program in the three-county area. Rozich’s tenure at BHK albeit short, he took the helm in November of last year, was significant.

In late October of last year it was reported BHK Executive Director Mike Poma and several teachers had been dismissed by the board. It soon came to light the agency had a more than $1 million deficit. The Copper Country Intermediate School District came in to oversee the financial crisis until an interim executive director was named. Enter Pat Rozich.

With more than thirty years in education, including two stints as Adams Township Schools Superintendent, Rozich had an immediate calming influence.

While he was quoted as saying the task at had was simple, it certainly wasn’t easy. Rozich went about the task of returning BHK to fiscal stability. He did this by making hard choices. Choices which involved eliminating several positions, consolidating others and selling BHK properties and other assets.

And it worked. Initially Rozich said he would stay a year to ensure all was well before re-entering retirement. He didn’t need that long. This week Rozich announced he was stepping down, while the board has named finance director Chip Law as Rozich’s successor.

We’d like to take this opportunity to commend Pat Rozich for his work at BHK during these tumultuous past few months. He has gone about his work, as he has throughout his career in education, creating an honest and open environment. Not only has he brought financial stability back to BHK, he has restored our faith and trust in this venerable institution.

We’d like to thank Pat for all he has done, not only at BHK, but throughout his career. Your wisdom, courage and hard work has not gone unnoticed nor unappreciated.