A response to athiest’s letter

To the editor:

The recent July 11 letter from a person in Georgia was so unintelligible that I’ve edited it to make it understandable:

A person may wonder which group is more delusional, those that practice something, or those that practice nothing.

In the modern world, superstition goes back to nothing worship, or maybe not.

Those that consciously worship something, at least acknowledge that an entity exists that’s greater than themselves.

Such worship is motivated by the delusion that my something is more powerful than your something.

Those that subconsciously worship nothing, are under the delusion that there is nothing worth worshiping and so worship the idea of not worshiping nothing.

It is associated with the Nothing-Worship belief system begun by somebody. Nothing Worship is a religion of denial. It’s a suicidal willful ignorance of something or other.

Some nothing worshipers are introverted. They have not been known to seek converts. But what makes other nothing worshipers so dangerous is that they are extroverted, and will either openly seek converts into their belief system or not, and try to impose their beliefs upon the rest of society or not, and to prevent others from learning something or not.

That is why they deny something or other and teach evolution or not. They want acknowledgment given to nothingness. Their activities are high treason against America. They do not want to have any belief in something, and will do whatever to stop others from acknowledging something or other.

Because of the continued indoctrination of something or other in America, there arose “perversions” called science and critical thinking.

David Keranen

Bakersfield, Calif.