A questioning of character

To the editor:

This letter is written with the hope it will enlighten the voters of Laurium as to the character of their elective officials.

Four years of requesting a return of the convenient parking we once knew at the Bicentennial Ball Field has fallen upon deaf ears once again.

The chairperson of the Parks and Rec has stated that as long as he is the chairperson, this is how it will be.

However, others suggested we submit alternative ideas; which we did, receiving absolutely no response.

The fact has been established that the chairperson is the main obstacle in regaining the convenient parking we enjoyed for decades without injuries to anyone.

Laurium officials have been contacted by some of the most responsible citizens to resolve this matter.

One of our highly-respected attorneys has had a conversation with the village manager and president along with our State Representative, Scott Dianda, with the hope of bringing this matter to a solution without creating inconvenient and uncomfortable conditions for seniors and handicapped.

Alternative solutions have been suggested but have been received with resentment.

We also spoke with the Department of Civil Liberties of Michigan and they were sympathetic but being a safety matter, they are unable to assist our cause.

They suggested for us to hire a private attorney or the ballot box. We are not a wealthy group of individuals, so the ballot box could be the answer.

Efforts will be put forth to find some candidates with kinder hearts and with a considerable higher degree of respect and consideration for seniors and handicapped people of the CLK Area.

I question the character of elective officials who get a sense of achievement by inconveniencing a group of parents, seniors, and handicapped people.

There has been no support for this policy by parents, coaches or Little League Officials since it was implemented four years ago.

This has been an ill-conceived solution to an exaggerated problem Day One.

In our wildest dreams, can we imagine that opening and closing a gate could be so labor intensive?

We will make the same request next spring hopefully to kinder hearts or new faces.

Carl Bjorn