Look deep into UPPCO request

To the editor:

I’m applauding Robert Evan’s letter written last week regarding UPPCO wanting another rate increase.

He was right about it all, and the only way these concerns will get looked into or somewhat under control is if we DO speak up and address them. Whether it’s here to draw attention to the public, or even more importantly to those directly in charge of the issue.

The days of leaving everything up to your “elected officials” to fix are long gone, if you haven’t noticed.

But old famous “quotes” still hold true. “Many hands make light work, practice what you preach etc….”

Most of us have hands and a voice. Greed has taken over in ways our founding fore fathers could never have imagined, and will only get worse if we personally let it continue.

Effecting many companies that provide our much needed services. (cell and internet now added to that expensive monthly mix).

We’ve had our fair share of UPPCO issues at our homestead over the years. From too often split second outages that ended up negatively affecting our computer, replacing and updating too many appliances “UPPCO suggested”, to now personally reading our own meter every other month, instead of just an “estimate.”

But now hearing how much more we all pay for electricity compared to others?

Certainly that should make “the ole light bulb go off” and light up everyone’s brain enough to hopefully act on it.

Speaking up is the one thing we can all do.

In one way, shape, or form.

Joan E. Wiitanen