Glenn R. Cortez

LAURIUM – Glenn R. Cortez of Laurium passed away due to complications with cancer on June 8, 2013, surrounded by his family and friends.

Glenn was born in Silver Bow County, Mont. on August 5, 1944, the third child of the late Ricardo and Ester Cortez.

Arriving in the U.P. in the late 1960s, he worked odd jobs and eventually worked at the former Hancock hardware store where he is well remembered for being an excellent repairman who was favored by many of the regular customers.

On July 1, 1978, Glenn married his hun Renee (Poos) of Trimountain. Though the family moved to Milwaukee in the early 1990s, Glenn and Renee returned to their beloved U.P. home when Glenn retired in 2009 after many years of employment at Super Steel. Glenn and Renee celebrated 35 years of marriage prior to his passing.

Glenn will forever be remembered as a loyal husband, a loving father, a patient papa and a helpful friend.

Glenn was survived by his wife, Renee; three sons, Glen, Mark and Richard; three daughters, Corinne (Bobby), Desiree and Antoinette; seven grandchildren; Xena, Callisto, Adriane, Kira, Dryden, Isaac and Leeloo.

Arrangements were provided by Ryan Funeral home in Calumet. There will not be a formal service per request of the family. A private memorial is being planned for a later date.

Condolences may be expressed via mail to: 55993 Hancock St. Laurium, MI 49913.

When I found you, your knowledge showed me humility. When I found you, your wisdom showed me strength. When I found you, your honor showed me tolerance. When I found you, your calmness showed me peace. When I found you, your kindness showed me patience. When I found you, your love showed me devotion. When I found you, my heart knew it was home. ~ SLS