BHK taking applications

HOUGHTON – There has been much reorganizational activity at the BHK Child Development Board since last autumn, but Chip Law wants parents to know the organization is still operating and currently taking applications for classes scheduled to start Sept. 10.

Law, who is BHK executive director, said there are openings at locations from Covington to Mohawk, but they could fill quickly.

“There will be slots open throughout the Copper Country,” he said.

“The selection process has begun. The key message is apply before classes fill up.”

BHK provides various programs from prenatal to 5 years old, Law said. It provides Early Head Start for prenatal to 3 years old, Head Start for 3 to 5 years old, and the Great Start Readiness Program for 4 year olds.

Some of the BHK programs provide home visits for pregnant women, and for newborns and infants, Law said.

Law said some parents have the impression acceptance in the BHK programs is based solely on income, but there are other factors, which may still allow people above certain incomes to take part.

The purpose of all BHK programs, Law said, is to prepare children to enter kindergarten.

To apply for the BHK programs, call 487-6600, or go online to