Looking for help for cousin

To the editor:

This last winter of 2013 my first cousin had her home in Lake Linden destroyed by water damage. Her insurance carrier stated it was just short of being a total loss. Since, the house is not a complete loss the insurance intends to put new walls up over the water damaged damp (musty/moldy) existing walls. My cousin who is Carol Heckroth (Barrette), is removing those old walls herself. We are maternal cousins and from that heritage we both have too many allergies with mold spores being a really big trigger.

If you know my cousin, you also know she has a grown disabled daughter in her care. I live in SW Florida and if I could leave to help I would but have my own family demands, with a grown daughter with Bechets and two grandchildren here. I am surprised in a village/community like Lake Linden that no one is helping Carol with this huge job.

Renee Hall (Maki)

Fort Myers, Fla.