Red Tail Ring to perform at Algomah Acres Honey Farm

GREENLAND – The U.P. is no stranger to musicians. There are many of them throughout the region and each play a distinctively different sound. Some play rock, some play blues and some play folk. Red Tail Ring’s music encompasses the latter and the duo that make up the band will be performing their music at the Algomah Acres Honey Farm in Greenland.

Red Tail Ring is comprised of Laurel Premo and Michael Beauchamp. The band started in 2009.

According to Premo, she and Beauchamp had been playing a lot of music around Michigan in separate groups and as solo artists. They then played together and enjoyed it so much they decided to keep playing together.

“We loved how it sounded and we kept collaborating,” Premo said.

Premo said the themes their music contains include a strong respect for the environment and the world, as well as activism.

“In this last album (‘The Heart’s Swift Foot’), the subjects of the songs were kind of about a traveling heart and swiftly changing mind as one continues to take in the world and try to make sense of it,” she said. “Those ideas kind of come out in a lot of those tunes.”

The name Red Tail Ring also contains themes of nature.

“The name is based on two animals – the red tail hawk and red fox and respect for their power and beauty,” she said. “The ring means a kind of team or coalition between those creatures.”

Perhaps the love and respect for nature comes from Premo’s own upbringing, which was in the U.P.

“It’s one of the most beautiful, wild places in the country,” she said. “I’m proud to come from there. I want to bring the arts to the people who live here. We tour all over the U.S. and this is one of the most beautiful places. Other places that I enjoy are places that look like the U.P.”

When Red Tail Ring is on stage, Premo said performing is at its best when there is an emotional or cathartic experience for both the musician and the listener.

“I think when both of those experiences are clicking at the same time, that’s when I love what I do,” she said. “We try to make those kinds of feelings happen for people and for us.”

Red Tail Ring will be performing at 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Algomah Acres Honey Farm, which Premo also said is important due to the work they do with bees there.

“They’re making all these beautiful products from the bees they care for,” she said.