Toivola nine shocks Stanton

TOIVOLA – Mosquito Inn-Toivola added a lot of drama to the last week of the Twilight League regular season by beating league leaders Stanton Thursday.

Not only did they beat them, they beat them badly, in a 12-2 decision ended after six innings.

Will Williams was the winning pitcher, allowing just two runs. Jason Coffey’s two-run homer sparked the Tigers to a 7-1 lead in the fifth.

Stanton, now 8-4, has only one scheduled game remaining, Thursday vs. Pat’s Foods, and is one game ahead of second-place BlueSky Health.

Toivola, now 4-7, is a half-game ahead of the L’Anse Lakers for the fourth and final playoff spot. The teams meet Tuesday in L’Anse.

Several rainouts over the course of the season mean make-up games could also change the playoff chase.