Upset with Forest Hill

To the editor:

My parents are buried in the family plot at Forest Hill cemetery along with my grandparents and uncles and I come up from Green Bay to pay my respects a few times a year. Our plot is maintained by a person we pay to cut, water, and keep it looking good. In the past I have seen work crews doing clean up on the unattended grave sites in the spring and fall and throughout the summer when needed. I am totally shocked and disappointed this trip….What has happened this year?? Weeds that are waist high all over, branches laying around, potholes you need a 4×4 to get around in the roadways.

And the icing on the cake, my aunt pays yearly to have water at the gravesite and here we are in July and there’s no water turned on for me to water flowers with. I realize that the state prison camp had provided some of the clean up services at times and that they no longer do. But what about using the county prisoners? The same ones cleaning up downtown Houghton? In talking to the sheriff that was supervising them, they’d be happy to pitch in and they have the time to do so if only asked and scheduled by cemetery personnel.

It is heart breaking to myself, my family, and I’m sure many others to see this once respectful looking place looking like an abandoned country cemetery now.

I think it’s high time to review the management that is in charge here and get something done to make this place the decent looking peaceful resting place for families that it should be.

I do know that on my return trip in August if the water is not turned on that is being paid for, I will be contacting someone to get a refund for my aunt.

Mike Pierini

Suamico, Wis.