Rozich shares the credit

To the editor:

I am very happy and humbled with your compliments regarding accomplishments at BHK. Everything was a team effort. I have to mention team members that share in your complimentary editorial.

Dennis Harbour and the Copper Country I.S.D. Board were a key element in developing an overall management plan. Mr. Harbour was a most determined change agent; our management team worked with Dennis almost daily for the first several months. The C.C.I.S.D. Board was more than generous with Dennis’s time and talent.

Bill Polkinghorne became the Associate Director as my Director’s duties began. Mr. Polkinghorne worked 10 to 12 hour days for months. His primary duties became property management and listener-in-chief for staff members that needed a sounding board. Bill’s approach to the staff was magic as he helped to settle difficult issues while providing kind and thoughtful support. His unofficial role was comic relief. If it were not for Bill, many management days would have been much more difficult. Laughter was the tonic Bill spread everywhere.

The Finance Department became the firewall of the Agency in the late summer of 2012. That staff took it upon themselves to control spending. This was a great performance by courageous staff members.

Everyone involved in the teaching and learning part of this agency are heroes of the first order. Teachers, assistant teachers, lunch and SKIP aides as well as bus drivers and maintenance staff continued to provide services as if this were a normal year. Great dedication to children.

One of our first orders of business in November of 2012 was to name our Program Directors; a new BHK Management Team. Dennis, Bill and I made a number of very difficult decisions regarding our team leaders. The team was assembled and given their charge.

The new Finance Director, Chip Law, joined us a bit later; he became the leader of leaders. The most crucial changes came from this Management Team. Leaders that were allowed to lead did so very well.

The BHK Child Development Board exhibited bravery and decisiveness in accepting the strategies presented by the Director and the Management Team.

They dared to set out on a new course with success a mere prediction. The Board’s trust in the Team proved correct.

A tip of my hat to all!

Patrick Rozich