FOLK mining study is flawed

To the editor:

The study that mining is a threat to the U.P. regional economy is flawed.

A mine in the U.P. would benefit the local economies through higher employment.

This benefits all retail businesses, restaurants, bars, bike shops, car dealers, and sports stores.

The study assumes that benefits of mining would be offset by a reduction of tourism, and a similar decline in high tech start up businesses moving to the area because of a significant reduction in the air and water quality of the U.P.

This is ridiculous, the U.P. is a large place, and we are not talking about large scale strip mining.

Sure there is some damage to the local environment because of mining, but it is generally isolated to the actual mine site. We are not living in the 1800’s, there are strict environmental laws in effect now.

Would I want a mine in my back yard? No, of course not.

But does that mean no mining should be done anywhere, by anybody?

The only effect that the Eagle mine will have on tourism, is that tourists will have something to talk about as they sit at a bar and have a beer.

As a glaring sign of incompetence, the study “pie chart” does not even show a separate section for tourism.

Do people who work at high paid jobs in education and health care want a mine in the U.P.?

Of course not, their jobs do not benefit from a mine.

The conclusion of this study is not based on facts, but it is being used to stir up fear and paranoia.

This study does not pass the “smell test” of common sense.

Terry Lahti