Political correctness overplayed/Paul Peterson

Judging by the headlines in the last week or so, one would have thought that Riley Cooper was found guilty of the most heinous crime ever committed.

Cooper, a wide receiver for the Philadephia Eagles, made the mistake of being caught in the political correctness overplay that has gripped this country.

Cooper, who is white, made the mistake of calling a black security guard the ‘N’ word after an altercation with him at a concert this past June.

I’m not defending Cooper’s judgement or his choice of words. There’s no room for that sort of name-calling. But let’s be perfectly honest.

If the black security guard had called Cooper a “honky” or something even less unflattering, would there have been a word said?

The answer is a resounding no.

That’s the problem in our country today. Some people looking to gain leverage for their movement … or themselves … are going to jump all over the type of incident that happens innumerable times every day.

And there’s usually a camcorder or telephone camera on hand to record an event involving someone with even faint name recognition.

I’m surprised that the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton aren’t camped on Cooper’s doorstep, calling for his immediate suspension. He’s already been fined by the Eagles and ordered to attend sensitivity sessions.

Then there’s the constant pressure being put on college and pro teams to change their nicknames because they aren’t politically correct.

The North Dakota Fighting Sioux logo is a prime example of that nearsighted viewpoint.

The University of North Dakota was coerced into removing all of its logos, posters, etc. a couple of years ago because the NCAA decided the name was “hostile and abusive.”

The action was taken in spite of a poll at the Spirit Lake (N.D.) Reservation that showed that tribal members had no problem with the name or logo.

In its infinite wisdom, the NCAA has forced other universities to drop any name that even hints at racial profiling.

But I could never could figure out why the Marquette Warriors suddenly became the Golden Eagles in 1994.

If anyone can find racial profiling in the word Warriors, please explain it to me.

I expect to learn shortly that Riley Cooper has either been cut by the Eagles or traded to another team.

That’s the America we live in … in the year 2013.