Forest Hill is in a sorry state

To the editor:

I to would like to respond to the conditions at Forest Hill Cemetery. I have been up there several times this year to check on my mother’s lot and this last time was especially shocked. The entire cemetery looks like a hayfield. They recently have started cutting down some very large trees in the older part of the facility.

Granted if those huge trees posed a threat due to rot maybe they needed to come down, however big ugly stumps as well as sticks, sawdust and leaves have been left behind. There are piles of old leaves and grass clippings composting in the pathways that look like they have been left there from last fall.

The gentleman from out of town asked why the Houghton County work inmates are not being utilized to help care for the grounds. Wasn’t that done in years past? And why is that not being done again?

The management of Forest Hill should take a drive to Calumet and visit Lake View Cemetery on M-203. It is a beautiful grounds. Every single lot is cut and groomed.

There is beautiful building as you enter the grounds that houses their office. The building at Forest Hill that has the word office on it looks to be nothing more than an abandoned tool shed. As Calumet cuts down old trees, the old stump is pulled out, the area prepared and new planted trees are abundant throughout the grounds.

I have a good friend that trims my mom’s lot for me for that I am very grateful.

I have not to date seen an explanation as to why the grounds are so neglected so one would have to assume they have no excuses.

Portage Township you should be ashamed of the sorry state of that beautiful piece of property.

Victoria Crnkovich