Michigan should follow N.H.

To the editor:

Michigan, like the other states, holds justice in contempt by court.

But not in the “live free or die” state, in New Hampshire, who passed a law requiring judges to instruct defense attorneys to inform jurors of their right and duty to judge the law according to their conscience, that bad law be nullified with a vote of not guilty, bringing back constitutional government with we the people being the fourth and final check for the protection of liberty and justice for all.

Sadly, a law has to be passed to make courts do what we always expected them to do, protect liberty and provide justice for all. Hopefully, Michigan’s legislators will follow New Hampshire’s example.

And our tax payer funded public schools must be graded with a big “F” for their failure in instructing students on the rights and duties of citizenship, the reasons why and for the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and Bill of Rights etc. so as to keep our Republic free.

Jury nullification of bad/unconstitutional law is null and void according to American Jurisprudence, nor is any court bound to enforce it. Yet they do with impunity. With 40,000 laws passed a year, many by unconstitutional agencies, our once free nation is being turned into a godless third world police state.

Remember, it is un-American to trust government.

Our Founding Fathers didn’t, which is why they gave us the best system with limited powers they chained down with constitutional mandates and checks and balances with we the sovereign citizens possessing the fourth and final check on our public servants actions. Don’t forget. Abe Lincoln said, “To sin by silence makes cowards of men and destroys nations.”

Larry Korpi