Random acts of kindness

To the editor:

I would like to report “acts of kindness” that were bestowed on myself and my dad this past weekend. My dad, Mark Olson, class of 1950 and captain and MVP of 1950 Michigan Tech Hockey Team, and I were stranded at the Kenner Dome in Oskar this past Friday night when the starter died on my car. Fortunately, for us, a neighbor near the Kenner Dome, Kathleen Marino, came to our rescue. She called Dave’s BP Gas Station on Front Street in Hancock. They came right out and towed our car to their station. They (Dave’s) replaced our starter in our car and got us back on our way home Saturday.

After the care was towed away at about 9:30 p.m. on Friday night, Mrs. Marino gave us a ride to where we were staying at Twin Lakes-at least 30 miles. We thank Mrs. Marino, and Dave’s Gas Station for going out of their way for my dad and me.

Mike Olson

Peoria, Ill.